CCD logo for textThe Organization: 

The Center for Civic Design (CCD) is a not-for-profit based in the United States whose goal is “ensuring voter intent through design.” For this, CCD has paired up with researchers around the country to understand the principles that govern civic engagement, and voter experience, and to advocate for design-based changes on ballots, government websites, and field materials following qualitatively- and quantitatively-backed research. 

Research Projects:

  1. Together with Whitney Quesenbery, I conducted paper and digital ballot testing for The Participatory Budgeting Project, NYC( in March 2016.  Our mandate was to understand civic motivations for engaging in participatory budgeting, and to use that information as the context for gauging voter experience including interactions with poll workers, readability of the ballot, and casting a vote.
  2. I tracked feedback and testing of a civic engagement toolkit for election officers ( This toolkit offers digital resources including website templates, twitter guides, infographics, and voter wait time measurement tools for government officials to facilitate greater and easier civic engagement from within their communities.
  3. Rank Choice Voting (RCV) is a type of voting already in use in certain constituencies. In collaboration with FairVote (, my mandate was to explore the intersection of voter intent (who to vote for + how will my vote be counted) with ballot design (does the ballot help me make the choice I want to make). Findings from this study have been collated into a best practices/guidelines for RCV ballot designs as well as voter education materials to help voters understand how their vote counts. 


I rely on mixed-methods to qualitatively assess civic engagement patterns and voter experience. My methodologies are primarily semi-structured interviews, participant observation, digital diaries, and usability testing.

Sample paper ballot testing

Sample paper ballot testing

Participatory Budgeting, NYC

Newspaper report promoting participatory budgeting in New York City